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ToonWonderland is a blog focused on the world of anime and cartoons. This means you’ll be getting reviews, discussions, and topics on your favorite pieces of animation!


Here are the 2 subjects that ToonWonderland is all about!




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Anime is in a world of its own, and around here, it’s a common subject. Reviews and content will go in-depth, treating this art form the way it deserves.

And in case you’re worried, don’t worry. It’s not all about the new stuff either! Compared to the well-seasoned viewers, I’m what you would call a… well, let’s just say I’m not so experienced. But, I’ve seen over 25 anime shows and there’s a lot I have to say.

This means you’ll be seeing content on both the new and the old. Because this takes priority over the American Cartoons content, you can expect a plethora of reviews and discussions on our favorite entertainment medium 🙂


Okay, okay, fine. But what kind of shows will you be covering?


The Classics


While I do enjoy the latest and greatest the world of anime has to offer, there’s nothing like the classics!

Yes, of course, the new shows are still great, but I’ll be darned if I ever forget about the ones that first introduced me to the anime universe. This also means I’ll be talking about some of the lesser known shows from the 90’s and early 2000’s as well.


This will also be a great opportunity to get the ‘new kids’ interested in the shows that deserve the attention.

Anime’s no longer a niche for the hard-core fans. New viewers are springing up from all over the world, and what’s the easiest way to get into anime?

Watching the new and popular shows.

While no one can fault the newbies for this, why not try to catch their attention and reignite the love and passion for the classics? Sharing our generation of anime with the newcomers is not only fun but worthwhile.

My hope is that this will help others gain an appreciation for something they may not have otherwise.  And for those of you listening that think old anime are lame –

Watching old anime isn’t lame, it’s just going back in time 🙂 


PLEASE NOTE: I have not seen every classic, which means I probably haven’t seen your favorite. So please keep this in mind, as it’s impossible for me to watch and cover every show.


The New and Noteworthy



*Cough* *Cough*

Sorry X)

Here’s the section that can appeal to just about everybody! We’re all trying to find the best of the best each season, aren’t we? The hidden (or not so hidden) gems?

Well, I’ll be giving you my input and top recommendations in this section 🙂

As many of us know, every new show has a chance at becoming the future classics, this is why we write-up our “watch list”‘s and spend hours of our precious time devoted to anime bingeing.

Personally, I believe that many of those future classics have come up in recent years:

  • One Punch Man
  • My Hero Academia
  • Attack on Titan (… fight me)
  • Assassination Classroom
  • Megalo Box
  • Made in Abyss


Each of these has taken the anime fandom by STORM and new shows like them ARE STILL COMING! These shows aren’t popular because they were new, but because they had so much to offer. They affected us greatly, and that’s why they’ll stick around for years to come.

This is why we get so excited about the new shows. We keep discovering brilliant adventures in animation, so every season comes with a grand opportunity!

While my opinions will certainly be different from yours, here I’ll be reviewing and discussing the shows I watch each season and will highlight the best and the worst I come across. Here, you will see no unnecessary bashing of the new shows. To every elitist who asks me why, it’s because new isn’t bad, it’s just NEW.

The new anime shows will no doubt be covered over the other subjects on this blog because I want to offer you relevant content when possible.

PLEASE NOTE: I can’t watch every seasonal anime, which means I probably won’t see your favorite. So please keep this in mind, as it’s impossible for me to watch and cover every show.


American Cartoons


While this may not be the main source of content, there’s still a lot that can be said about our beloved childhood cartoons, and this is the best place to do it. Whether I rant or rave, this is another medium that deserves to be talked about.

These posts will be on a variety of  topics, but here’s what you can expect:

  • Highlighting underappreciated cartoons
  • “Do you remember?”, little known shows that deserve to be remembered
  • The best of the best: Our favorite cartoons and what made them great

Many of our favorite shows are unique to our childhoods, that’s why I’m going to try putting the spotlight on the ones that need it, including the ones that were cut short.

Shows like Tron: Uprising.


Yes, you remember, don’t you?

Those shows you held so dear only to have the corporate suits take them away so cruelly. Trust me, you’re not alone, and your pain and outrage will be acknowledged here.

With these sort of topics and shows in our history, we’re going to have A LOT to talk about.


If there’s a show, in particular, you’d like me to cover, feel free to leave me a suggestion! You can use the “Contact Me” page in the menu, or send me an email at:


… But this is a personal blog, so I’m reserving the right to talk about whatever I want 😉